Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dye blonde again over green/blue hair?

i dyed part of my bleached blond hair blue with manic panic. ive washed it a ton and it has faded to greenish blond on the bottom and bluish green on sections of the top. I have to work now and want to redye it blond, if i dyed with a gold blonde will it cancel out/go over the green? if not, what will without going darker?

Dye blonde again over green/blue hair?

if u want ur hair blonde, then first dye the green/blue strips blonde.. only those strips, and leave it in for about 50 minutes, then the last 10 minutes, but blonde dye in the rest of the hair, then after those last 10 minutes rinse and use the conditioner provided. this only works if u use dye from the store and do it urself at home. this is how i corrected my highlights because i did not want them anymore. if u go into the salon they can do it for u. its called correction and if u do it at home its so much easier on ur hair and cheaper. good luck!

Dye blonde again over green/blue hair?

ummm. my best advice would be let it go bk natural then dye blonde

Dye blonde again over green/blue hair?

Same problem i had... but with a different color.

Mix a little powder bleach and developer with some shampoo and put it on your hair. The bleach combined with shampoo won't lighten, it will just completely remove your color. It won't harm your hair either. Leave it on for about 30 minutes or longer depending on how light your blue/green is. Just don't leave it on too long. When you wash it out the color should wash out with it.

If not you can always repeat this, it's safe since your combining the bleach with shampoo.

Hope that helps

Dye blonde again over green/blue hair?

That happened to me, I had to use a bleaching kit to get it blonde again.

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